Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My boys!

I have been on a very long vacation from blogging.  Oh how I have missed it!!  I don't have a whole lot of time today but I just had to do a quick update on the kiddos.  Alex turned ten in May and started the 5th grade this year.  I can't believe how fast my baby boy is growing up!!  He loves his baby brother so much even though he won't always admit it.  Our little guy Ethan is already ten months old!! Wow can you believe it??  At his 9 month check up he weighed a whopping 24lbs. 11oz (which I know for sure has gotten bigger this past month) and was 27 inches long.  He is kinda short and dumpy but there ain't nothing wrong with that!!  We are truly blessed at how well he is doing.  When I tell people that he was 7 weeks premature they really don't believe me!  He has caught up in every aspect both physically and cognitively.  He is crawling like a little mad man and pulling up on everything he can reach.  He loves our dogs and cat more than words can say and of course his big brother is his hero.  He eats more than any baby I have ever seen and just this week started asserting his independence by only eating if he can feed himself.  I am working on posting alot of baby pictures but for now here are a couple of my favorites!!

Ethan Daniel 8 months

My boys!!
Hope everone has a blessed Wednesday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

He's Here!!

Ethan Daniel made his grand appearance November 3rd, 2010 at 1:23 p.m. weighing 5 pounds 2 ounches and 16 inches long. Everything happened so fast!  Our little man was 7 weeks early but is doing great.  He has been in the NICU for a week now and there still is no set time frame on when he will be coming home.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.  We are so happy he is here but not having him home is so heartbreaking.  I know that he is in the best place rite now getting the care that he needs.  It's just not how I had it planned!! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

It's a BOY!!!!!!  We had an ultrasound done Tuesday and the doctor is pretty certain (like 85-90%) that this little bundle of joy is a boy.  He really wasn't wanting to cooperate though so we are having another ultrasound at my next appointment where they will recheck.  However I am going with it's a boy! I can't tell you how thrilled we are to add another boy to our family!  I will post more details about my appointment and of course ultrasound pics very soon! Things have just been crazy hectic around here...but that's no excuse :)

Have a blessed Thursday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Meet Ratatouille

This little guy was dropped at my feet by my rescue dog Chewey this past Saturday.  At first I freaked out.  For one I thought my dog was killing something right in front of me. When I realized that wasn't happening my mind was going in circles just trying to figure out what the heck it was!!  Three days ago there was ALOT less hair and it looked like I don't know what.  Of course I started screaming for Steven.  He comes running out (he may have even thought I was going into labor ) and when I point to the ground he looked back at me with this "Oh great" look.  He knew without a doubt that I was going to demand ask politely that we keep it. I mean how in the world could we just leave this tiny little baby outside to just die??? I immediatlely called my dad.  A few years ago he had saved a baby squirrel (interestingly enough his dog at the time dropped it at his feet. What are the odds?) and I wanted to get his opinion on what he might think it was...rat or squirrel?  It's really hard to tell.  I have discovered that most newborn rodents look alike.  I am however leaning more towards a rat for various reasons. Ugh you may say...a rat? Yep. I felt the same way 3 days ago and now I just can't get enough of the little guy.  It is absolutely amazing to watch him develop even though I am exhausted from the every 2 hour feedings.  Good practice for the baby!! (I will do a much needed pregnancy update soon!)
So here you have it guys.  Our newest member of the family Ratatouille!!
Isn't he tiny??


Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm still kickin!

Long time no post! I'm finally starting to feel a little better and have more energy.  I have been following everyone's blogs but as far as posting anything myself well as you can see I haven't been doing a good job of that.  I just haven't felt up to it lately but i'm going to make more of an effort!  I really want to document everything during this pregnancy!!  So what's new you ask? Well i'm 12 weeks...can you believe it??  Yep I think this coming Saturday I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.  They say at 13 weeks your chance of miscarriage goes down dramatically. Yippee!!!!  As far as the symptoms i'm having thus far:
  • I still throw up on occassion but not as bad. It's usually after I eat something greasy
  • If I wait too long to eat (i'm talking even a few minutes can make a difference) I become very dizzy. 
  • We are moving so I have had swollen feet already
  • Ligament pain
  • Mood swings that are out of control!  Poor hubby
  • As far as food cravings - I love fruit and yogurt. I also could eat mexican food for every meal!
Oh and we had an ultrasound done at 9 weeks!!  I can't tell you how amazing it was to hear that little heartbeat for the first time!! We were so excited we got to hear it..neither of us were expecting to get to since it was so early.  I had to lay very still and hold my breath but we heard it and were able to see it on the screen as well.  I will try to update more often and post some pics soon!
Have a great week!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

For all of your prayers for the Smith family.  Gavin's MRI scan came back CLEAR yesterday!!! Thank God!!!!!  I can't tell you how happy this wonderful news makes me and how it really makes me realize the power of prayer.  God is so good I needed to tell you that though. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 
By the way I really need to do a pregnancy update!  I just haven't been feeling up to writing much.  Morning sickness or shall we say ALL DAY sickness has kicked in full force.  I will be 8 weeks this coming Saturday May 8, 2010. Can you believe it???  Only 4 more weeks to go till I i'm out of my first trimester! Wow!!  Keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Please Pray for the Smith Family

Please lift the Smith family up in prayer.  Their son Gavin has been experiencing several symptoms that leads them to believe it is possible that his cancer has returned.  This sweet family has been through so much the past couple of years that it just breaks my heart to even write this.  He goes in to have an MRI Thursday May 6, 2010.  Please pray for them as they face this head on.  Feel free to post this on your own blog and/or tell as many people as you can about him and ask them to pray as well.  Thank you!! Have a great Wednesday!