Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

It's a BOY!!!!!!  We had an ultrasound done Tuesday and the doctor is pretty certain (like 85-90%) that this little bundle of joy is a boy.  He really wasn't wanting to cooperate though so we are having another ultrasound at my next appointment where they will recheck.  However I am going with it's a boy! I can't tell you how thrilled we are to add another boy to our family!  I will post more details about my appointment and of course ultrasound pics very soon! Things have just been crazy hectic around here...but that's no excuse :)

Have a blessed Thursday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Meet Ratatouille

This little guy was dropped at my feet by my rescue dog Chewey this past Saturday.  At first I freaked out.  For one I thought my dog was killing something right in front of me. When I realized that wasn't happening my mind was going in circles just trying to figure out what the heck it was!!  Three days ago there was ALOT less hair and it looked like I don't know what.  Of course I started screaming for Steven.  He comes running out (he may have even thought I was going into labor ) and when I point to the ground he looked back at me with this "Oh great" look.  He knew without a doubt that I was going to demand ask politely that we keep it. I mean how in the world could we just leave this tiny little baby outside to just die??? I immediatlely called my dad.  A few years ago he had saved a baby squirrel (interestingly enough his dog at the time dropped it at his feet. What are the odds?) and I wanted to get his opinion on what he might think it was...rat or squirrel?  It's really hard to tell.  I have discovered that most newborn rodents look alike.  I am however leaning more towards a rat for various reasons. Ugh you may say...a rat? Yep. I felt the same way 3 days ago and now I just can't get enough of the little guy.  It is absolutely amazing to watch him develop even though I am exhausted from the every 2 hour feedings.  Good practice for the baby!! (I will do a much needed pregnancy update soon!)
So here you have it guys.  Our newest member of the family Ratatouille!!
Isn't he tiny??