Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Duggars expecting their 19th child!?

Ok I'm just not too sure how to feel about this. 19 kids?? wtf? To each his/her own has always been my motto, but when do you draw the line? They seem like really good parents, but even the best parent in the world has their limits. How can they give each child individual attention like they need? There is no way they can meet all of their emotional needs. Oh and let's not forget they have sold out to reality television. I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing if I was in their shoes, but now it seems more like a circus act. You can visit their family website here and see pictures of their VERY nice home. You will also see a display of pictures that show overly happy almost staged looking children. It just seems really weird to me. A little too perfect. Now let's talk finances. I am amazed at how expensive one child is let alone 19. How do they afford all of it? How do they afford that big beautiful home? You might say it's none of my business and you are probably right. I'm just curious how do they do it??? Maybe they could offer the rest of us who are struggling some tips?! On their website it tells of how the older children help with the younger children. Is that fair to the older kids? They are having to help raise babies? I think that after they probably got past 7 or 8 kids they figured out they could make ALOT of money by having more and that's how they ended up where they are today. What do you guys think?
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