Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hammie the Toilet Paper Bandit

My little weenie dog Hammie is such a mess. He has a serious addiction to toilet paper. This morning I was sitting on my porch drinking coffee and in five minutes he managed to get in the bathroom closet, pull out THREE rolls of toilet paper and string them all across the house. Not one but three!!! To top it all off he had to "break in" to the bathroom closet to get the toilet paper. Smart? I don't know maybe so. This is the same dog that managed to get into my purse that was up on a shelf and drag everything out of it including all of the things in my wallet. I came into the living room to find my credit cards and cash strung all over the floor. Luckily I caught him in time before he shredded the money. I couldn't believe that a dog that has short stubby legs was able to somehow reach my purse, but he did! So back to the toilet paper. When I found the mess I was infuriated especially considering this isn't the first time he has chewed up paper all over the house. Then I saw his cute little face and my heart melted. He looked at me with his sweet little face and puppy dogs eyes like "what did I do mom?" Oh and lets not forget while he's looking up at me he has toilet paper hanging out of his mouth......boy you gotta love the puppy stages.
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