Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here I come Florida.......again!

So I haven't written since we got back from our trip to Florida. It was WONDERFUL!!! We had such a great time, even though the original reason for going was very depressing. My step dad is hanging in there and it was great to spend time with him. Now i'm headed back...not even two weeks later. My mom had a massive heart attack last Friday July 25th, 2008. Her right artery was 100% blocked, which was causing the attack. They found two other arteries that were both 95% block. I was like geez no wonder she doesn't feel like doing ANYTHING!!! She is not a candidate for open heart surgery because her health is horrible. They were able to put a stint in the artery that had the 100% blockage and they are trying to get her strong enough to clear up the other two. I was told "you need to come" after she almost died on Tuesday. She is stable for now, but it seems to change from one minute to the next. I am trying to stay positive and saying lots of prayers. I just hope if it is her time to go home to the Lord that it will happen while I am there so she isn't alone.
I plan on posting alot of pictures when I get back.
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