Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to the grind of things

Well I finally made it back from Florida last weekend. What a week it has been! My desk here at work is not visible because of the mounds of paperwork I have to catch up on. It is pretty overwhelming! I can't tell you how glad I was to be home. I missed my family so much and don't intend to ever be away from them that long again. My five day trip turned into ten so needless to say we couldn't wait to all be together again. Alex said "Mommy I almost forgot what you looked like!." I couldn't get enough of his sweet kisses and hugs.
I'm glad to report that my mother is doing so much better. It was a very rough and bumpy road there for a little bit, but for the most part she has made a full recovery. She was not a candidate for open heart surgery because her lungs are in such bad shape. They were able to place two stints and a third one will be placed in the near future. Considering that amount of blockage she had it's is just amazing to me that she pulled through. We were able to spend three days together at her house before I had to fly home. I really enjoyed those days together and looked at them like it might be the last time we were together. We enjoyed them to the fullest! I have had great intentions of posting pictures from our first trip to Florida. I will hopefully get those loaded this week sometime. Right now I just can't wait for the weekend to get here!!
Please remember to keep the Smith family in your prayers.
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