Friday, September 19, 2008

Needing advice from our readers!

Okay I really don't no if I have ANY readers out there. Of course I would like to think I do, but i'm not really sure. Anyway, I am needing some advice. I had a blister form on my foot about three weeks ago. I get blisters ALL of the time so this was nothing new. So last Sunday I started running a fever and had developed a rash. By Monday my fever had disappeared but my rash was still there and had gotten much worse. So I went to the doctor and he said it looked like Poison Oak, gave me some steroids and sent me home. Did I show him my blister?? NOPE! I honestly thought it was no big deal. HUGE MISTAKE!!!! So by Tuesday night I am running a fever again and my whole body hurts. By Wednesday my fever tops 104 and I can barely walk without assistance. It was pretty scary!! Turns out that pesky blister got infected which spread up my leg. My doctor prescribed me some very strong antibiotics and rest of course. I am much better today, but this is where the advice comes in. It is Friday and we are getting ready to hit the weekend (I despise ER visits especially on weekends oh and did I mention I currently DO NOT have medical insurance?!) and my leg is in a lot of pain. I feel so much better but my leg hurts and the redness is now turning to purple. It almost looks like bruises going up my leg. Has anyone ever had this happen???? Should I be worried? Do you know of any home remedies? Will it just go away over time? I would really appreciate any advice out there. Thanks! Have a wonderful and safe weekend!
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