Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You can be a fruit

So last night Mr. S and I were trying to get Alex to go to bed. For some reason it was a HUGE challenge. He was just hyped up from the get go and would not settle down. On nights like these he always wants me to lay down with him until he falls asleep. Not that I don't love to cuddle with him but 1) We are really trying to work on the sleeping by yourself EVERY night thing and 2) last night I had a lot of housework to get caught up on. We were trying to explain all of this to him but it just wasn't working. He has an argument for every word we say. I can see the little wheels just turning in his head as we laid there. I read him a story and was getting ready to get up and give the final kiss goodnight and tuck him in bed when he starts pleading for me to stay. This is how the conversation went....
Mr. S: "We were leaving and you are going to bed like a "big" boy."
Alex: "You can go but momma stays."
Mr. S: "No, if I go momma goes because we are a pair and work together as a team." (we are really working on this team thing cause he likes to work us.)
Alex: WITHOUT hesitation "Ok you can be a fruit....but momma stays."
Now how do you not laugh at that? We are trying to be so serious and stick to our guns and he makes a joke! Little turkey! It was actually a proud mom moment for me because I think that is the first "real" joke he's ever made and it did really make us laugh. It's moments like these that you never have the video camera out for. Oh well maybe there will be many more jokes to come!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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