Thursday, June 19, 2008

Roll with the punches

Life has given us a few punches here lately. I posted last week regarding our dear family friend who passed away. Two days after he died we found out that another family member had decided to end his life. Evidently he had been extremely depressed because he was getting older. He was in his 70's but he was a very active person. I don't really understand how someone could take their own life. I guess everyone has their own reasons, but to me it seems so selfish. It's the easy way out. Maybe it can't be avoided when someone becomes that depressed. I just don't now what the answer are. Now my dad is in the hospital with pneumonia and numerous other ailments. Hopefully they will figure out what is wrong with him!! All I can do right now is just pray that he gets better and pray that nothing else happens. I am so thankful for my son's health and I thank God everyday for giving him this health. On a lighter note my best friend had her little baby girl on June 10th! I am just so excited and can't wait to see her!! She just happened to be born on the very same day that our family friend passed. It is so strange to me when that happens. Hopefully there will only be good news to post in the upcoming days and weeks!
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