Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day of School!

I'm a little late on this about a week late. Alex started 3rd grade on August 20th 2009! I can't believe my "baby" is in the third grade. It's unbelievable. This year he started a new school because his old elementary only went thru the 2nd grade. He was so excited and of course a little nervous. He couldn't wait to get dropped off. Of course it was raining so we didn't get to take many pictures. I decided that instead of just dropping him off I was going to walk him inside because we had no idea where his classroom was. They didn't give us the tour on enrollment night. He seemed ok with that idea as long as I didn't make a big scene i.e. lots of hugging, kissing, crying and picture taking. I told him I would "behave" myself and just walk "normal". Along the way I saw lots of other parents behaving "crazy like" as Alex puts it. One mom was taking pictures in the hallway another mom was crying and giving lots of kisses. I could see a look of relief on his face when I kept my word and didn't do anything embarrassing. We found his classroom without any problems and off he went without even a look back! He mumbled bye as he walked away and that was it. He is alot like me in new situations. He gets nervous and really quiet. So I fully expected not much of a goodbye from him. I made it out the front doors and then a few little tears started. They were both tears of happiness and sadness. I'm so happy that he loves school and that this year is going to bring many new adventures for us. On the other hand I'm so sad because time is just flying by. I just want to savor every moment! It seems just like yesterday I was walking him inside for his first day of Kindergarten!
All in all his first day went very well. When asked what he liked best about his first day it was without a doubt hands down the cafeteria. The cafeteria is huge compared to his old school plus they have a "real" salad bar with all of the fixings. He said they were also given larger portions and that the food was soooo much better. I'm sure it is the same food he ate last year prepared exactly the same way, but it's so much better because its new! I love to come home and hear about his day. I love that he still wants to tell me about his day. I feel so lucky to be his mom! I can't wait to see what this year brings us!

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