Friday, August 28, 2009

My Friday Rant!

I work at a small law firm as a paralegal/everything else. Part of my job entails answering the phone. Most of the time answering the phone is no big deal and can actually be kind of fun. HOWEVER there are those calls out there that drive me crazy. It's the sneaky telemarketers. You know the one's that try to trick you into thinking they are maybe an actual client or even a personal friend of whomever they are calling??! Here is how my conversation went with one today:
Me: Law office (this is my standard way of answering the phone)
Sneaky guy: Hello! Is Joe Bob there?!
Me: No he's not in at the moment may I take a message?
Sneaky guy: Ya this is Ron! (sounding like he is Joe Bob's long lost best friend from grade school)
Me: Ok Ron what?
Sneaky guy: Ron
Me: (I'm getting annoyed at this point) Ok RON. Will Joe Bob no what it is regarding?
Sneaky guy: Ummm no actually this is my first time to call.
Me: Oh ok (I got kind of excited thinking he might have a new case) Do you have a new case or legal issue?
Sneaky guy: Ummm no.
Me: (I'm thinking should I just hang up or get his number??) What is your call back number (which is happened to be local. Even more sneaky)
Sneaky guy: 555-1234
Me: Ok is there anything else
Sneaky guy: oh yes, my extension....

Rite then I knew for sure what I had expected about 1 minute into the conversation that he a telemarketer. I really HATE dealing with them. I no they are just doing their job but it is still so damn annoying. I have even had one guy about a year ago call ME back yelling at me because I hung up on him. WTF??? Since when is it good business to call a potential customer back and yell at them??
Ugh! Anyways just needed a little blog therapy while i'm waiting on 5 o'clock to get here. Have a great weekend!
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