Friday, November 13, 2009

Disguise the Turkey

Alex recently had a school project that was called "disguise the turkey." The goal was to disguise a turkey so he would be safe this Holiday season. When we first got the assignment I was a little worried. For those of you who don't know I am NOT the least bit crafty. I have ideas in my head, but they never come to life. So to say the least I was pretty nervous about this project. I encouraged Alex to brainstorm for ideas and told him he would be doing a majority of the leg work, but of course we would help him if needed. So I googled ways to disguise a turkey and off we went! Luckily I had just obtained a large amount of baby clothes from my sister in law...figured I might as well take them just in case we needed them because they were just going to be sold in a garage sale. (Yes i'm really hoping for that baby!). I came across some great ideas, but one in particular stuck out. I ran my idea across Alex and of course his initial response was "No, I don't like that" followed by giving me a look like I was crazy and didn't no ANYTHING. (Gotta love this age). However, I insisted and so off we went. End result?
A turkey disguised as a baby! (Thank goodness for the spare baby clothes!)

He loved the idea once it came to life! I was told this was my best idea ever and was given lots of hugs and kisses.

Backside view of Turkey Feathers

Up close and personal

This is the Turkey before we changed his face up a little. We stuffed the legs, arms, head and body with magazine pages.
Overall it was a fun project that we were able to work together on with Alex. Great family time even though it was school work!
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