Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Halloween was so much fun this year! Alex was the Grim Reaper (or so that's what we called it anyways...not really sure what he was!) I was a Devil (a nice one) and Steven was well I'm not really sure about that either. Steven and I threw our costumes together last minute as usual. Actually, I thought Steven's turned out the best. This picture really doesn't do his costume justice. He looked hilarious!! He played the part even better, which if you know Steven that is a huge deal. He gets sooo embarrassed about this kind of stuff, but this year he kinda let loose. I was proud of him!! We went trick or treating in a couple of different neighborhoods and Alex hit the candy jackpot! Ok I better stop or this is gonna turn into Wordy Wednesday....hmmm maybe that's an idea.

Halloween 2009.
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