Friday, February 12, 2010

Back in the Day

Back in the day I was a really good runner.  I started running when I was in the 8th grade and continued throughout my high school and college career.  I actually hated to run, but I loved to win so that in itself kept me motivated.  Well to make a long story short I did really well in both track and cross country, won lots of medals, won the state championship in 1994 and got a scholarship to college.  Then I got injured and burnt out and really haven't ran since 2000.  Anyways you can only imagine how out of shape I really am!  So the other day I took Alex to the local community center to work out with me and we decided to walk around the indoor track.  Of course Alex couldn't stand to walk for long and before I knew it he was doing circles around me.  Me being the competitive person that I am tried to keep up with him only to about fall over from pure exhaution.  Very embarassing to say the least.  At one point he stops next to me and places his hand on my back and our conversation went a little something like this:

Alex:  Mom are you ok?
Me: Whew. Yes I'm ok just really out of shape and tired.
Alex: Mom come on you can do it.  You gotta get back into running.
Me: Honey, I am trying I just don't think I can do it.
Alex: (as he pats my back and looks at me with the sweetest most sincere look I have ever seen) Mom you are a champion.  I know you can do it. Remember all of the medals you have at home? You are a champion!! Come on you can do it!!

What does a mom say to that? Well I got my tired butt in gear and ran a few more laps with a big smile on my face...after all I didn't want him to think that a champion would quit and give up! I may not be a champion to the rest of the world, but I am to him!
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