Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eating for Two

Last night I had to run to Walgreens to get a few things like trash bags and bottled water.  I waited until after Alex was in bed so I could spend as much time as possible with my little guy.  By the time I headed out I was starving...I knew I should have grabbed a snack before I left the house but I was in a hurry.  Shopping while hungry and pregnant is NOT a good combination.  Anyway just across the way from Walgreens there is a Subway. I love Subway and decided I would take a small detour and grab myself something to eat.  I also decided that it was going to be my little secret.  If I had called the boys at home to see what they wanted not only would it have taken forever to get MY sandwich it would have cost $20 instead of $3.80.  So not only was I saving time I was saving money...or at least that was my justification.  It's not like we didn't have food at home for them to eat. I was just going to starve if I didn't eat right then!! (Justification number 2).  So I go into Subway and decide upon having a 6" meatball sub. Maybe not the most healthy thing in the world to eat at 9 at night but oh was it ever good!  The guy who worked there was super nice.  He looked at me and said with this huge smile on his face "I added a few extra meatballs (Free of charge) on there for you because you are eating for two."  I must of had a weird maybe stunned look on my face because his eyes got huge. Like the oh crap she really isn't pregnant and I have just insulted a customer look.  He then says "You are eating for two right?!"  I couldn't help but laugh and smile the biggest smile ever!!  I told him yes and thank you very much for the extra meat balls. Then our conversation went on from there discussing due dates and the how hot and miserable I was going to be this summer.  He was a super nice guy!  What was even cooler is that someone actually could tell I was pregnant!!!  I couldn't believe it guys! When I was pregnant with Alex no one could tell until I was at least 14-16 weeks and even then my bump was small.  I know that it isn't baby that is showing yet but it's still super uber cool!  I just hope it's normal...I worry about that alot. Is this or that normal. Am I ok? Is the baby ok? I am sure that I am driving Steven crazy. Anyway I got so busted on my subway trip because of course I had to tell my hubby that someone actually knew I was preggo! 
Happy Wednesday!! It's almost the weekend!!
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