Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sibling Rivalry...the dog version

We have a new addition to our growing family....a puppy.  I am a bleeding heart animal lover and when it comes to abandoned animals I just can't turn the other way.  We went to my in laws on Sunday and there she was just looking all cute and puppy like.  Someone had dumped her the day before and I knew that if we didn't take her home that she wouldn't make it...all puppies either wander off and get lost or get ran over out there. My in laws live in the country and it's just not puppy friendly.  Good news is that I have already found her a great home when she gets a little older and bigger.  We just can't keep her as much as we or should I say Alex and I want too.  For one we already have three dogs and adding one more plus a baby is too much.  Secondly she is going to be a pretty big dog.  We just don't have the room for a big dog in our small house.  I am happy to say that I am giving her to a dear friend of mine with a huge yard and we will get to see her pretty much anytime we would like!!  So anyway like I said we already have three dogs.  Peetie the seven-eight year old Jack Russell Chihuahua mix.  Lucky who is a five year old full bred Jack Russell Terrier (our first dog) and of course Hammie the two year old full bred Dachshund who is my baby.  Hammie is the most free spirited, humorous, loving, and goofy dog I have ever owned.  He is definitely a momma's boy and up until this point has been the "baby" of the family.  He has been around plenty of other animals.  We at one point had a cat who he absolutely adored.  We have dogsat our neighbors two dogs on numerous occassions and he has been fine.  Oh and i'm sure if memory serves me right that over the past two years that I have brought in one or two stray animals in need of rescuing.  Peetie tends to be our grump and we were worried that he would oh I don't know eat the puppy but as it turns out Peetie could care less.  Nope it's not Peetie that is the cause of concern.  It's Hammie who this morning actually got mad enough and snipped that the puppy.  Hammie is MAD. At first everything was cool and he seemed his usual loving free spirited self.  Then reality sunk in and he realized that this little thing was getting way more attention than he was and as it so happens he doesn't like that very much.  Not only is he mad at the puppy he's mad at me too.  You should see the dirty dog looks i'm getting.  He wants nothing to do with the sweet little puppy's advances to play or snuggle.  I'm hoping that this doesn't last and that in a few days Hammie will adjust. Hopefully he will realize that he hasn't been replaced and that he still has his place in our family. All of this got me to thinking about Alex.  I really think that he is going to have the same reaction to his baby brother or sister minus the getting mad and snapping at the baby of course.  Rite now it's all fun and exciting but when the baby actually gets here I think Alex is going to have a really hard time.  He has been the only child and grandchild for 9 years.  I have no idea how to prepare him for what lays ahead. I guess I need to start doing some research!!  Do you guys have any suggestions?
Happy Tuesday!!
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