Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New hair!

So Alex has been growing out his hair since last August.  At first it wasn't intentional we just hadn't made it to get a hair cut.  Then after it finally started getting a little length he decided that he really liked his hair a little longer and wanted to see what it would look like even longer.  So much to my dismay I agreed to let him grow out his hair until Summer 2010.  He agreed and we even pinky promised.  However after a few months and as his hair started to get longer and longer I started to really like it!  I didn't want him to cut it and told him that IF he decided he wanted to keep it long thru the summer that I was ok with it and just left the decision up to him.  Up until a few days ago he was still diggin the long hair....until it started getting HOT outside.  I had to giggle when he looked at me and said "Mom, my hair is kinda  hot....I think I wanna cut it."  It was bitter sweet I have to admit. I had kinda grown fond of his beautiful hair. (Don't let him no I said his name and beautiful in the same sentence!)  So without further delay here is the new hair!

Taken rite before she started cutting away...I love the long hair on him!!

She had shaved the sides and back now she is starting on the top. Now that is one heck of a mohawk!

Just a little more....

That's ALOT of hair off of one little head

Is this the same child??

This picture cracks me up. I think he is looking at the guy to his left with the mohawk.
You can see his wheels a turning!!

Finished!!  He got a little fauxhawk...close as he is gonna get rite now!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

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