Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Medical Fund for Gavin

A medical fund has been set up for Gavin at Bank of America. As all of us parents know it IS NOT cheap to go to the doctor. She posted on her blog yesterday in an update that Gavin has to endure 52 weeks of chemotherapy. Poor little guy! However there is good news!!! The fluid that was taken from his spine (after only 1 week of chemo) showed no signs of cancer cells. What wonderful news!!! I'm sure they were just overjoyed to hear something positive after weeks of bad news. Please keep Gavin and his family in your prayers! The power of prayer is going to heal this sweet little boy! Also, please take the time to visit her blog for updates at http://smithscooptexas. blogspot. com/

If you would like to donate to Gavin's Medical Fund his mom said there was two ways to do so.

1. Send a check, made out to "Gavin Smith Medical Fund", to the following address:
Bank of America, TX 2-551-01-014023
4023 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, Texas 752192.

2. Go into any Bank of America location and ask to make a deposit into the "Gavin Smith Medical Fund". If they have difficulty knowing what to do, we've been told to remind the teller that this is a special account. The manager on duty should know exactly what to do, if the teller has trouble.
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