Thursday, April 24, 2008

What big teeth you have

At the moment I only have one son so I really have no other experience except for babysitting when I was younger. When it comes to certain aspects of parenting I rely heavily on advice and books. Alex has already lost 8 baby teeth. He lost his first tooth when he was 4 and they haven't stopped falling out since then. Back in August he lost his front two teeth. Now when he lost his four bottom teeth they came in right away, so I was expecting the same to happen with the front teeth. Christmas rolls around still no front teeth. It was the family joke that all Alex wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth! By March he STILL has no front teeth and I notice the two teeth on either side of missing teeth are very loose. Panic began to sit in. Ridiculous as it may sound, I was actually thinking we were going to have to get fake teeth because he has no permanent teeth on the top! So I make an appointment with his dentist and get him all checked out. He tells me everything is fine, normal and not to worry. I'm thinking this guy must not have kids because how can you NOT worry!? Then again he is a man... About a week later, still no sign of those two front teeth, his other two top teeth fall out. Now he is missing all four top teeth and looks kind of like someone punched him in the mouth knocking out all of his teeth. To watch the poor child eat is painful. You might as well forget about giving him a whole apple! Then about a week ago, mind you 8 months after the first tooth fell out, I see the signs of a tooth!! It was cause for a celebration! This morning we were looking in the mirror and I couldn't help but notice how incredibly BIG his teeth are. Is this normal?? I'm sure it is but it will definitely take some getting used to.
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