Friday, April 11, 2008

Proud Parent Moment

Our son Alex, who is in the first grade, participates in an after school program offered through his school called Fine Arts After the Bell (FAB). They started this program last year and we were so excited to get him signed up! This semester we put him in the music class. He LOVES music. They have learned to play an assortment of instruments and of course sing lots of songs. So last night was his spring performance. After the performance they were having "nickel nite" where you could purchase food items for a nickel. I'm sure most of you with kids can relate to anything, even cafeteria food, that costs a nickel is a heck of a deal! All week I had heard nothing but "mom it's almost nickel nite!" and "I can't wait!" and "Are you sure you are coming???!!!" I leave work extra early so I can make it on time and not miss a moment of his big debut. The whole way home i'm praying dear God please don't let me have a flat tire or even worse have a wreck. I can't be late! All went car troubles or traffic jams. My fiance and I made it there at almost exactly the same time and hurridly ran to the front office to sign in and fill out some survey. At this point i'm highly annoyed. Who has time for a survey? I just want to see my child perform! Finally, we got all of the paperwork out of the way, got our meal ticket and headed to his class. His little face just lit up when he saw us! Then of course he started to act like a crazed animal and managed to get in trouble by his teacher multiple times because he couldn't sit still. Finally the moment we have all been waiting for......our little guy got up and played "Are you sleeping" on the xylophone all by himself! Then they sang a song (i can't remember the name of it)and when it was his turn to sing with his partner he belted out words that probably only sounded good to us, but i'm thinking American Idol is in his future. After their little performance we all went to the cafeteria and sat at REALLY small tables where we ate hotdogs, chips and fruit. Even though the relish was neon green and the mustard was so thick it wouldn't come out of the packets it was the best meal I've had in a long time. Of course I have no pictures or videos to post because we forgot the camera!!
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