Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm a wolf now!!

Last night was the big Cub Scout cross over ceremony. Alex started cub scouts as a Tiger Cub in August. We made it through the entire year somehow and last night he got to cross over to the Wolves. This past weekend we had the big end of the year camp out at Cub World. It was sooo much fun!! He earned five belt loops and a patch during all of the fun as well. The belt loops he earned were for Archery, BB Gun Range, Ultimate Frisbee, Wildlife Conservation and Map & Compass. They taught the boys the importance of picking up after yourselves while camping and they earned the Leave no Trace patch. When we first started cub scouts I was not sure what to expect. As the year progressed I watched Alex learn so many things and develop friendships that could possibly last throughout his school years. I can't rave enough about cub scouts and highly recommend it to all parents out there with little boys! As I watched Alex strut across the little bridge with his head held high I couldn't have been more proud!! He just couldn't believe he was a "Wolf" now!! Once I get the whole video thing figured out on here I will post the video I took, plus lots of pics!
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