Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex


It's really hard to believe that seven years ago today I gave birth to my son. It just seems like yesterday I was holding this little newborn who weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and was only 19 inches long.

Alex, I went through sixteen long hours of labor (you got stuck and as you like to tell me when I tell you the story "momma I was holding on and didn't want to come out!") and at one point thought I could take no more. When I saw you for the first time I forgot about the pain and fell in love. I never imagined I could have so much love for someone. You were so handsome! The one thing I remember so clearly about the first time we met was your pouty lips. They were all puckered up and so full. We joke now that you came out ready to give mommy a big kiss!! Now you are turning the big 7 and going into the second grade next year. You weigh a whopping 50 pounds and have recently hit a growth spurt! It won't be long and you will be taller than me! Recently I went through hundreds of pictures of you and was amazed at how much you have changed. You went from my precious, bald, chunky baby to my precious little boy. You no longer have a bald head(well unless Poppy takes you for your summer hair cut!) or rolls of baby fat, but you will always be my baby! You truly are my gift from God. When you smile the whole room lights up and your little eyes sparkle. I am truly blessed. I remember at my baby shower a friend of mine told me something that at the time I didn't quite understand. She said "Andrea, just remember even when you are having the worst day of your life, when you come home at night and look at your child you forget how bad everything is and are surrounded by love. Their little hugs and kisses make you forget momentarily about all of the bad stuff." How very true that statement is. I can't imagine my life without you Alex Randall! I look forward to watching you grow into a young man and can't wait to see what life will bring us! I love you!!!
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