Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Power of Prayer!

A little over a month ago the doctor's found a small tumor on my dad's pituitary gland. They told him they did not think it was malignant but it definitely needed to be removed. It was already causing him to have some major health problems. A few years ago my dad had a stroke right after hip replacement surgery so we are VERY leary of any kind of surgical procedures. So yesterday he went to meet with the brain surgeon (he had taken another CT Scan a day or two prior to this meeting). The doctor looked at my dad and said i've reviewed everything and you don't have a tumor anymore. What? All gone? Well, where did it go? Not like it grew legs and walked out of my dad's head! Then it sinks's gone! WOW!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! A fine example of God at work! We are so thankful and truly believe God worked this little miracle. Now if only my dad can get rid of all his other ailments we will be in good shape! I am just going to keep on praying!
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