Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I can feel it

I can feel springs rite around the corner!!!!  Woo hooo I LOVE spring time.  I love the warm weather and the spring storms. I love the time change and getting an extra hour of daylight.  I love going to the park after I get home from work or going on a bike ride with my son. The three of us love to watch storms and storm "chase."  I live in Oklahoma so we are right in the middle of Tornado alley.  We don't get tornados very often, but there are watches or warnings nearly everyday during this time.  The devastation of a tornado is not something to joke about and is certainly not fun but the thrill of chasing a storm or just watching it pass over is extremely exciting.  When I say storm I don't mean tornado. Oh no I would be in my basement if a tornado was actually passing over!!  I have actually only seen a handful of tornados in my lifetime and that is enough.  What about you guys? Do you like Spring? Do you like to watch storms? Do you have tornados where you live?  If not what other kind of natural disatures do you have to worry about?
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