Friday, March 19, 2010

I would kill to be our dogs for five minutes!

Seriously all my dogs do is eat, sleep, bark, crap, play and lay around being lazy. I would LOVE to be able to do that for just one day.  Not have a care in the world except when I was going to get fed.  I'm pretty sure our dogs don't worry per say.
So two nights ago I was in our bedroom when out on the front porch  I heard the most aweful crying/meowing sound coming from outside the door.  I just had to open that door and see if everything was ok even though I already knew it was a stray cat that wanted us to feed it and take it inside.  Ugh! I DID NOT want another animal let alone a cat.  Don't get me wrong I like cats but I don't like the smell of a cat box or all of the hair they shed. However I also have a big heart and can't stand to see an animal suffering.  This poor cat was starving and was obviously scared.  He wanted to come inside even though there were three barking dogs ready to chase him all around the house.  He didn't care! He just wanted IN!!  I finally got all of the supplies we needed which included a big bag of cat food.  We put a bowl of food and water on a small end table (This is so the dogs won't get it) and he was so happy!!  He kept looking at us in between bites with a look of such appreciation.  Then he ended up sleeping next to his bowl of unfinished food all night.  Made me feel even more sorry for him that he felt he couldn't leave his food because it would "disappear" or something.  So needless to say we have another animal.  Woo hoo!
Oh and by the way today it is so beautiful outside. A high of 73! Tomorrow the high is 32 and it's suppose to snow...gotta love Oklahoma weather.  Have a great weekend!!
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