Monday, March 8, 2010


Friday at lunch I had to go to the post office for my job.  By the way I HATE the post office.  Line out the door and one worker = a forty five minute wait.  I don't know why I let it bother me it's not like i'm not getting paid to stand in line and wait.  Who likes to wait though even if they are getting paid?  Super uber annoying!  Anyway while I was standing there waiting I heard the most precious laugh I hadn't heard in along time.  You know that sweet little  belly laugh that seems to happen right around when a baby is 6-9 months?  So I looked over and noticed a mother standing in line hold her precious little baby girl who was just laughing  away at what i'm still not too sure.  I couldn't help but look for a minute and laugh myself.  Then I remembered Alex at that age...oh how it seems just like yesterday and now in two months he will be 9! Everyone tells you that you "forget" your child ever being that small.  I never knew what that meant until he started growing up.  I always just shook my head but inside I was like "whatever I will NEVER forget this!"  Well hmmm you do forget! I mean you KNOW they were that small, but you just simply forget what it felt like to hold them.  So then a few minutes after I had my Alex flash back I of course started feeling sorry for myself.  I started longing to hold a baby once again and hear that sweet belly laugh.  Then something popped into my head that I have never really given much though to and it made me very sad.  What if I never have a baby? What if Alex never has a sibling that he can become close to?  How sad would that be? Luckily I was snapped back to reality before things got too ugly when the counter lady said "next!".  Whew saved by the bell so to speak.  I guess i'm doing a little better...I haven't had a pity party since here.  Yay!
Well I hope you guys had a great weekend!! 
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