Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's my favorite time of week again... Not Me Monday!! This is my second week to participate and let me tell you it has been a blast!

1. I did not work on this list off and on all week long adding or changing things each day...that would be nerdy.

2. I did not tell Alex to go play because he was reading my list.

3. I did not sit on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars while the dishes were piled in the sink.

4. I did not let Alex eat whoppers for an after dinner snack. That would just be unhealthy.

5. I absolutely did not yell obscenities AGAIN at the lady who almost pulled out and hit my car. I did not forget Alex was in the car listening to my bad language and then only realize he was there when he started laughing at me. No that would be really bad parenting.

6. I did not let Alex help me with this list since he would not go play and wanted to read everything. Is a 7 year old really qualified to help make a Not Me Monday list??

7. I did not spend way too much money at the fair this weekend and then go home and justify it to my husband.

8. Last but not least I did not get really disappointed when McMama said she was going on a blog vacation! No i'm not addicted to her blog!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!
Make sure you go check out McMama's site. She is the founder of Not Me Monday's and has a wonderful blog!
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