Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's my favorite time of the week again!! Yes, Not Me Monday!!
1. I did not get excited when I won a blog award and I did not go around telling EVERYONE....and people did not look at me crazy like so what?

2. I have not blogged at work everyday this week...sometimes for a few hours at a time. No that would be really unprofessional and might even cost me my job if discovered.

3. I did not keep telling my son "in just a minute" when he kept asking me to come play a game with him... I was not blogging when he asked me this. I would never blog instead of spending quality time with my child. I did not keep on blogging even when he said "Mom you are ALWAYS on the computer!." I did not pretend I just didn't hear him say that

4. I did not go to the casino three nights in a row after Alex went to bed. I did not leave my hubby at home with Alex while I went out and had fun! I did not spend money we didn't have to spend.

5. I did not keep putting money in those stupid slot machines thinking the next spin would be the jackpot only to lose alot of money. I did not loose any money!!!!

6. I don't want to go to Las Vegas....(hint hint Mr. S)

7. I did not get really annoyed with someone who called the office and hang up on them and then pretend we lost the connection when they called back a few minutes later.

8. I did not get frustrated with Alex when he said he would vote for Obama if he could vote. He is only 7 and that would be silly.

9. I did not wear my size 8 pants to work knowing full well when I put them on that morning they were too tight. I did not wear a long shirt to cover up the tightness and I did not have to unbutton my pants after lunch because they were unbearable. I absolutely did not blame my "weight gain" on it couldn't be those McDonald's cheeseburgers. No way!!
Whew I feel so much better! Happy Not Me Monday Everyone!! Please remember to stop by the founder of Not Me Monday- McMama's site!
Please don't forget to go check out my contest!!
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