Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday

My favorite time of the week is here yet again!

1. I did not let Alex stay up till midnight Friday night just because I wanted to spend time with that is way too late.

2. I did not get excited when I realized he was going to sleep in Saturday morning because he stayed up so late.

3. I did not have to rewash one load of laundry 3 times because I forgot about it for a few days.

4. I did not find myself arguing with Alex while playing a video game with him. That would be really immature.

5. I did not stop at a garage sale Saturday and buy a bunch of stuff I don't need....after I had just had a garage sale the same day to get rid of all of the junk in my house.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!! Please stop by McMama's site and read all of the Not Me Monday posts!
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